Laser Dentistry

Dentist in Hamburg, MI

Does the sound of the drill and the fear of needles stop you from visiting the dentist?

At Hamburg family Dental, Dr. David Burnell built a legacy on bringing the Fotona lightwalker dental laser to the practice and changing the way dentistry was performed.

The Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser has revolutionized the way we perform dental work. While we can never totally replace the dental drill, we can help our patients avoid the fear of needles and being numb.

Using laser technology, you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant dental experience. We are able to prepare teeth, shape gum and bone with ease. Procedures include laser fillings, gum treatment, tongue-tie treatment and many more dental procedures.

Laser is available for any age group. The need for needles and drilling is minimal, if required at all, meaning our patients have a wide variety of options for their dental treatment.